We offer the following services in Townsville.

Commercial office cleaning

We are a thoroughly factory-experienced and licensed commercial cleaning services.

Healthcare cleaning

We have adequate experience and knowledge of engaging with several healthcare…

Childcare cleaning

The scope of our childcare cleaning service is to bring about a cleaning service…

Aged Cleaning

We bring about affable and professional aged cleaning services to help out older people…

School Cleaning

We have adequate knowledge and field experience of working with educational…

Industrial cleaning

We deliver supreme quality industrial cleaning services in Townsville.

Residential Cleaning

Whenever you require residential cleaning, our pro cleaners can help you out with it.

Bond Cleaning

Conjointly called the top of lease cleaning, end of residence cleaning, vacate cleaning…

Our Services

Dust Surface

Our dust surface service is a budget-friendly solution for getting rid of surface contaminants from new and existing solid bases.
We specialize in cleaning all types of surfaces from driveways to patios, windows, and basically, any solid surface that can get dirty and dusty!
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We cover the Townsville areas and can restore surfaces so they look polished and renewed for years to come.
We are your one-stop solution for all factors related to solid surface cleaning. We aim to offer our customers an incomparable dust surface service that will make your house looking amazing.

Dust and Hand Wipe Furniture Tops

Dust cleaning is a huge challenge that every house owner tries to handle every day. Dust is the number one enemy when it comes to making sure the house is clean.

We are not only famous in the cleaning industry but we are also recognized as one of the most trusted cleaning service providers in Townsville.

Our team dust and hand wipe your furniture tops to remove all the dirt from the surface of your furniture and to restore it to its previous condition as possible. After we’ve professionally cleaned and restored your furniture tops we finish off with a refinishing cream to further polish the appearance of your furniture.

Dust Baseboards, Chair Rails, and Door Panels

Our cleaning services are the solution to your professional cleaning requirements. House cleaning in Townsville is made convenient with our fast and relatively simple Dust Baseboards, Chair Rails, and Door Panels cleaning service.

We understand that domestic cleaning at times can be such a headache to dive into, especially if you are not sure how to find a trusted and recognized service provider. Thanks to our thorough cleaning service, it has never been this easy to live in a sparkling and hygienic space.

Dust Ceiling Fans (With Reach)

A good fan is an acquisition that can last you decades if it is looked after properly. Keeping your ceiling fans clean isn’t only a matter of a good looking house. It is also a matter of your health and of protecting your fans from any damage. Even if your ceiling fans are rarely used they still need to be cleaned once in a while.

Our pros as part of our supreme quality dust ceiling fan cleaning service make sure to clean your ceiling fans thoroughly. We are aware that providing your house with utmost care requires training along with experience. This is why we possess a great mixture of both.

Vacuum Carpets

You will not be able to believe how altered your carpet will appear after it has been cleaned by our pros.
We aim to offer a carpet service that will give the feel of a newly installed carpet in your space that too in just a fraction of the actual cost.

Our professional staff will revert your carpets to their previous glory.

Nothing is more important than the concern we have for clients and their houses.  We only use supreme quality cleaning products containing organic ingredients

Vacuum and Damp Mop Floors

Damp mopping is among the best ways to clean many types of flooring. This is why we offer both wet and dry floor cleaning options from vacuuming to damp mopping the floors.

Our pro workforce pays special attention to the details to enjoy the complete satisfaction of our customers.

​We aim to leave your house with sparkling floors and refreshing aromas of cleanliness